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Unislat - The iCurtain 장점

It is the future of curtains - it is a blind, a curtain, a door and a partition all rolled up into one easy to operate system.

Unislat® vs Traditional Curtains

Advantage #1 - Light and soft texture 가볍고 부드러운 원단

It is produced with high quality fabrics, moreover, it does not have any non-woven or PVC material. Therefore, it is very light and softer than any other existing curtains.


Advantage #2 - Function of tilting vanes 개별적으로 분리된 원단

Easy revolution of the wand makes tilting the vanes an easy task. It is efficient for saving energy through controlled day lighting by adjusting the angle of vanes. Plus, it is possible to have both protected privacy and a sight view.


Advantage #3 - Individual separated vanes 각도조절 기능

The interior blinds are composed with separated vanes. This makes it possible to see outside, whilst in an opaque status. This can be achieved even with the windows opened.


Advantage #4 - Large range of color and patterns 선택의 폭이 넓어 다양한 연출이 기능

It has 7 colors and 7 patterns and is composed with separated vanes. Thus, it is possible to mix and match many colors and patterns, as per the customer’s preference. For example, we can choose designs by color matching and we can change the designs anytime. It is both an efficient and an economical item.


Advantage #5 - Anti-pollutant coating and washable 오염방지코팅 및 물세탁 가능

It has an anti-pollutant coating on the surface of the fabric so, it is easy to be kept clean. Moreover, each fabric can be dismantled and are washable.


Advantage #6 - Memorized shape 형상기억 기능

It has an excellent function called “memorized shape”. After installation or in use, if the vanes should get tangled, the shape can very easily be recovered.