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Unislat #4

What is a UniSlat?

  • it is a blind
  • it is a curtain
  • it is a door
  • it is a partition

UniSlats vs Traditional Curtains

Separated Fabrics

  • don't need to replace the entire fabric; only the damaged piece of fabric
  • allows you to walk through fabrics easily
  • possible to mix size of width
  • no size limit

Special Processed Fabric

  • soft texture
  • anti-pollutant
  • 100% polyester
  • silicone coating
  • washable and wrinkle free
  • blackout and FR (order made)

Easy to Change Look

  • you can change the entire mood of the place just by replacing with a couple of fabrics

Air Movement Through The Fabric

  • Normal curtain is one whole piece of fabric but UniSlat is divided into individual pieces so it helps to circulate the air in the room when the window is opened

Convenient System

  • Wand - easily opened, closed and light exposure adjustment via rotation wand
  • Cord - just same as normal vertical blind system
  • Automatic - use a motor to operate automatically

Prices start from $21.20 per square feet. Visit our Flagship Store @ 6 Tagore Drive or our City Store @ Marina Square Shopping Mall Level 2 for the best in everything Korean interiors.


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