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Thank you for making us Singapore's No.1 Korean Wallpaper supplier! This is only possible with your support and our incredible low price. Today Picket&Rail has furnished more than 250,000 homes in Singapore.

Our online price of $99 per roll or $199 with installation is the lowest in Town. Our top competitor sells at $380 per roll. This is a true WALLpaper STORY.

Korean Wallpaper is now the most popular type of wallpaper in Singapore. It is 3x times bigger than standard chinese american and european wallpaper. This translates to less joints, larger possible dramatic designs and faster installation. A standard Korean wallpaper is 1.06m x 15.6m. Chinese wallpapers are typically 0.53m x 10.1m. Korean wallpaper quality is also far more superior. A vinyl layer on the surface makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For online orders shipping is by sea and may take 30 to 90 days to arrive.