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5 Reasons to choose Wooden Blinds

January 22, 2018

Wooden Korean Blinds WIndow Treatment Close Up by WIN.US

Wooden blinds can give a warmer and more inviting look than the typical metallic or plastic blinds that are typically marketed at low prices. They can be done in a variety of accents in order to match or enhance the appearance of other wooden pieces in the home. Aside from all the normal benefits of Korean blinds, wooden blinds provide a few unique advantages.

We provide 2 varieties of wooden blinds, natural and artificial wood. Both have their own unique benefits. Our artificial wood is almost indistinguishable from the natural article, however because it is synthetic it is lower maintenance and does not warp over long periods of time like all solid wood products do. Genuine wood is for those who desire an all natural material.



1. Great Variety

Both materials are available in multiple stains and finishes from dark to light to match any kind of interior from classic to contemporary, and can be made to measure in any size, so you don't need to worry if your windows are too big or small, tall or short. We can adjust both the length and size of the slats, so they will look neat and proportionate when seen against your window frame.

We offer free consultation by our dedicated blinds specialists so you will have all the help you need to make your windows beautiful and personalized. We also provide installation for a fuss-free experience.

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2. Luxury

In today's fast-moving world, wood has become a material associated with prestige. Warmer and more inviting than sterile aluminum or flimsy plastic, wooden blinds can grace your home with a touch of class. Wood has long been found soothing and natural, and could be a welcome change from the harsh concrete and glass of the city, creating a peaceful home environment that will let you relax and recharge.

Our blinds also come with cloth tapes instead of cords to retract and lower them, giving the blinds a softer and more calming appearance. These cloth tapes can also be customized to your personal taste and are more unique than the ubiquitous plastic cords found elsewhere.

Black Wooden Blinds by WIN.US Blackout Bedroom Korean Blinds


3. Quality Guaranteed

While many companies offer wooden blinds, WIN.US is an established name in the industry, and we take pride in our products. All of our blinds are built to last from 100% Korean hardwoods. We also use high quality hardware and cords made on site at our factory in Korea. We control every step of the manufacturing process and cut no corners when it comes to quality.

Study Home Office Korean Blinds WIN.US Singapore Wooden Blinds


4. Environmentally Conscious

All of our wood comes from certified sustainable forests in Korea, where they are closely monitored by the government agencies there. WIN.US has been awarded for good business practices multiple times in Korea. No slash-and-burn or child labor complicit Indonesian lumber is involved whatsoever. You can rest easy knowing that your purchases come from an ethical and reputable source. 

5. Heat resistance (Energy Saving

 Our wooden blinds shield against heat as well as light. Roll down your blinds when you leave the house in the morning and you'll come back to a cool and refreshing home. If you use air-conditioning, the blinds can also help you cool down the house quickly and efficiently. Save power, save energy bills and save the world at the same time.

We believe in our products as they are designed to be beautiful as well as functional. We invite you to come down to our showroom to see and examine them for yourself.