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WIN.US Curtains: All the Strengths, None of the Weaknesses

January 22, 2018

WIN.US Curtains: All the Strengths, None of the Weaknesses

WIN.US is best known for our award-winning Korean blinds, so it may come as a surprise that we are now retailing curtains as well. While it seems strange, our long experience in designing the best blinds has actually allowed us to refine and improve on the curtain designs currently on the market, improving them with our advanced designs and superior technology. Let's take a tour and see what makes these curtains so special.


1. Dust Free

The first problem our engineers looked at when designing a better curtain was dust and the allergies they create. Curtains tend to gather dust whether drawn or folded, due to the cloth providing a great resting place for these small particles, and the curtains having a huge surface area. They become like 'dust sponges'. Our curtains have no such problem, and are designed to be dust repellent - because the dust does not stick to the curtain, it will settle on the ground be removed when you clean your home normally. No need to beat or shake them to dislodge dust and give the whole household a runny nose in the process anymore. Excellent for those with kids or who are sensitive to dust.


2. Excellent Sliding Systems

Even if a curtain is made from the most beautiful cloth, a badly made sliding system can make the blood boil. Fed up with curtains which had rails that constantly jam or even break, we set out to produce curtains that slide smoothly into place every time. Our curtains use a rod and ring system, but with our usual eye for detail, we made sure to create big loops and smooth rods to allow these curtains to move easily without becoming jammed or stuck. It also means changing curtains is a breeze.


3. Healthier Choice/Non-Toxic

Furthermore, curtains are exposed to the sun directly, and this can cause cheaper materials to break down into and release harmful particles into the air. Win.Us curtains are manufactured up to the highest standards of health and safety, and are 100% safe for the human body. Don't underestimate the health hazards of cheap curtains - they have been found to be a prime contributor to the dreaded 'Sick Building Syndrome'~ 


4. Water Repellent

Our curtains undergo a special treatment to be water repellent. You never know when you might have an accidental spill or leave a window open, leading to curtains becoming wet. The coating means that the curtains will dry quickly, and means they can quickly be washed and returned to service. Why is it important? Damp or wet curtains are dust magnets, and in some cases can even become moldy or rot.


5. Trustworthy

We are an established and reputable brand, having operated for over 20 years. We own our own manufacturing, meaning we can control the quality and standards of everything we produce, and we have been awarded for good products and business products many times by the South Korean National Authorised Testing Firm. In South Korea, we take consumers rights and health seriously, which may not be true if you are buying cheap curtains from an unknown source.


 6. 100% Korean, 100% Genuine

Korean curtains have many imitators, but none can match the quality of the original. We are the exclusive distributor for Win.Us curtains in Singapore - anyone else retailing these products is ultimately going through us as well. Why not cut out the middleman? We have the widest range and are the most updated with the latest and greatest Korean trends. Not to mention our blinds experts are real Koreans who have received extensive training there.

7. Unlimited Possibility

Whatever look you might want for your home, we can help you. Because we already have a high volume of production for our blinds, uni-slats, and now curtains, we can help you out with what you desire and provide guidance for your home design.

multi color korean curtain design by winus singapore #1 blinds curtains interior design

8. Beautiful Accessories

Here we believe that details mean the difference between a good curtain and a great one. We carry many designs for tiebacks, wall hooks, and curtain rods to make sure you can have your home exactly as you like it. This way the curtains will be gorgeous whether open or closed.

Curtain Accessories by WINUS Singapore Korean Curtains Interiors Window Treatment

9. Memory Shape Retention

Our curtains use a special flexible fabric to maintain their shape and drape. The way that they fold is regular and pleasing to the eye, creating a sense of depth and texture in the room. Some curtains, if folded for too long, will not draw properly, being stuck in their folded state. Win.Us curtains move, fall, and drape beautifully every time.

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