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5 Reasons why you need WINUS Korean Blinds

December 11, 2017

5 Reasons why you need WINUS Korean Blinds

1. Manufacturing Process
Unlike some other manufacturers, WINUS controls every step of the production process from raw materials onwards, having purchased its own aluminum plantin 2008. We control each aspect of production to ensure only the highest precision and quality in our final product.

2. Design

We pride ourselves on innovative design. Not just content to sell blinds and curtains, we have refined and improved our designs to come up with products that meet your needs better, such as the new combi blinds and uni-slat curtains, which are more convenient and efficient than previous versions. We also use high-quality aluminum and fabrics to ensure our products are durable and perform well. 

3. Light Control

Because of the bright and hot sun in Singapore especially, control over light levels in the home is very important. Blinds allow for the precise adjustment of light levels for different activities - one might want to let in more light for reading or dim it for a short daytime nap. Installation of blinds creates a convenient option for homeowners to create a comfortable environment for themselves. WINUS Blackout blinds allow users to completely block out light, allowing for privacy or deep, restful sleep at any time. With a simple pull the blinds go from letting some light in to completely blacked out. The tight tolerances mean that the opaque layers align precisely to block almost all light from passing through.These blinds can act both as roller blinds and slatted pass-through blinds, giving even more choice to users. 

4. Insulation

With the light of the sun also comes heat. Our hot climate makes it a priority to stay cool and refreshed whenever at home. nobody wants to spend time in a hot and stuffy house. Our Honeycomb blinds can help with this, as the air layers inside help to insulate rooms from heat entering via the windows. Keeping your home cool this way can also save you a hefty air-conditioning bill at the end of the month.


5. Ease of Use
WINUS blinds are designed to be as simple to use as possible. Many of our products, such as the Combi-Blinds and Wooden Blinds, are operated with only a single cord which allows you to use all the functions. Cutting down on unnecessary cords contributes to giving your home a clean and tidy look as well as making the blinds a pleasure to use.