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Security & Privacy

May 04, 2017

Security & Privacy

Safety and security is without a doubt one of the most important concerns for families and homeowners. Your home should serve as a comfortable retreat from your hectic schedule and an intimate setting to enjoy time with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, a lack of window coverings can leave a beautiful home feeling unsafe and susceptible to prying eyes, harmful UV damage, and countless other security and privacy concerns. Updating your home’s window coverings to include features like security film and privacy curtains is an easy and effective way to ensure a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for every room in your home.

Improve the Security and Privacy of Your Home Using Unique Window Treatment Options
  • Curtains and blinds are one of the most popular choices as they are available. Check out our new Flagship Store @ 25 Tagore Lane Level 2 to see a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and designs to effortlessly match the unique style and design of a room while leaving it feeling intimate and secure when drawn completely.
  • By blocking out exterior light, curtains and blinds make a great addition to bedrooms for those much needed long relaxing mornings in bed.
  • Avoid sacrificing the view from you window by installing a security grade window film directly to the surface of a window to help reduce glare, heat gain and obtrusive outside eyes.
  • Both curtains/blinds and security film help protect your home’s interior furnishings from harmful UV damage that can cause fading and warping over time, preserving the quality aesthetic of your home.

Combine the practicality of security film with the stylish design of curtains or blinds for a superior level of privacy and security that can’t be beat. Find the perfect mix and match of window coverings to serve your home’s specific security and privacy needs with WinUs® today.