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Beating the Heat with WIN.US Blinds

January 02, 2018

Beating the Heat with WIN.US Blinds

Singapore's hot and humid climate means that most of us immediately turn on the air conditioning when we reach home, or at the very least open up the windows and turn on a fan. Most of the time, heat and light enter through the windows of our homes, as these are the thinnest and easiest ways for solar energy to pass through. It is also why cars normally put window and windshield screens on hot and sunny days.

The usage of blinds can help to fight this problem. Our honeycomb blinds are designed to provide comfort in the heat by using multiple layers to block out the heat.  

Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, provide insulation from heat and light by creating an air pocket between their different layers. Air is one of the best insulators, as it provides very little medium through which heat can travel. This is the same principle used by wool sweaters and winter jackets, which create layers of air to trap heat inside to keep you warm. The insulation works both ways, meaning that honeycomb blinds can keep the heat out as well. 

Even if you use air conditioning to cool your home, these blinds can help your air-con unit to function better by reducing the heat that the device must manage, resulting in a room that cools faster and stays cool longer after the air con has turned off. This is more convenient, and helps save you maintenance and electricity costs.

These blinds can also help you to keep light in even though heat stays out - we keep honeycomb blinds in a variety of opacities, so you can select the light level that you prefer. Our blinds come in many designs and fabrics to give you the best opportunity to meet your needs. Honeycomb blinds have a pleasing regular and geometric quality to them, making them easy to match and an equal fit in both modern and rustic home aesthetics.

If your home is especially warm and bright, we even have honeycomb blinds with a reflective interior surface to trap and disperse heat and light for an even more efficient heat protection system. These blinds eliminate almost all heat and light and are ideal for night time as well if you enjoy sleeping in a very dark surrounding.

Finally, honeycomb blinds also help to filter out noise - the same 'air cushion' technology that prevents heat also means that these blinds absorb sound beautifully. Just as soundproof walls use an air-filled foam layer to absorb sound, the honeycomb uses the air pockets to do the same. If you live near the city or a busy highway, the honeycomb blinds can give you peaceful quiet as well as a cool and relaxing home environment.